Kennedy & Co Foundation

At Kennedy & Co we are more than numbers.
Our dedication to community involvement is one of our priorities.

What is the Kennedy & Co Foundation?
Kennedy & Co Chartered Accountants strongly believes in supporting our community and building a stronger and more sustainable future for our generation and those to follow.  In order to formalise our approach, we established the Kennedy & Co Foundation, designed to raise funds to support families.

The Foundation focuses on a number of strong partnerships, enabling opportunities for greater impact within specific organisations and makes our efforts more effective in the community. The key elements of our partnerships are volunteerism (involving people from all levels of the firm), pro bono work and donations.

What do Kennedy & Co Chartered Accountants get from the Foundation?
In addition to the satisfaction of increased involvement within our community, Partners and staff at Kennedy & Co gain an enhanced understanding of people in need in our community and what assistance they most require beyond monetary donations.

What is the Foundation’s focus?
As a firm with a market-leading female ratio who understand the importance of family, the Kennedy & Co Foundation focuses on supporting families and communities across Australia.  The Foundation does this by raising funds and making grants to eligible charitable organisations, together with providing staff to assist with volunteering tasks and specific projects.

The Foundation aims to improve and protect the quality of life of South Australians by providing support to eligible charitable organisations with strengths in family and community support.

How is the Foundation Structured?
The Foundation is governed by its trustee, Kennedy & Co Foundation Pty Ltd. The company has a board of directors, currently numbered at seven. As a company, it is subject to Australian Corporations law, with appropriate regulations for the appointment and removal of board members.

Who are the Directors?
The directors of the Trustee are: five senior partners of Kennedy & Co Chartered Accountants, namely Mr Paul Jorgensen, Mrs Antoinette Tatarelli, Mrs Kathy Mazzachi, Mr Dom Cosentino and Mr John Falzarano; Ms Katrina Webb OAM and Mr Peter Koulizos.

For more information regarding the Kennedy & Co Foundation, please contact Antoinette Tatarelli or Michelle Hogg.

Which organisations are eligible for donations?
Under the terms of the Deed of The Kennedy & Co Foundation and the taxation laws, the Kennedy & Co Foundation can only make donations to charitable organisations with BOTH Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Item 1 and Tax Concession Charity (TCC) status. TCC status was formerly called Income Tax Exempt Charity (ITEC) status.

How can I apply for a funding grant?
Calls for Application for Support are made annually and are advertised on our website, via newsletters and via email notificaitions to our database contacts. If you would like to join our email list, please sign-up here.Your eligible organisation may apply for a funding grant by completing the Application for Support form. All grant applications are considered at quarterly board meetings.

Does 100% of my money go to Charity?
Kennedy & Co Chartered Accountants absorbs all administrative costs for the Foundation, and as such, 100% of your donation will go to charity.

How does donating to the Foundation give additional benefit to the Charity?
The Kennedy & Co Foundation in conjunction with Kennedy & Co not only provides grants for projects but also offers a partnership with organisations to provide volunteering, pro bono services and mentoring advice.

Is my Kennedy & Co Foundation donation tax deductible?
Yes, donations of $2 or more are fully tax deductible.

Can I donate online?
At this stage donations cannot be made online, but we are working on making this possible.

How can I help the Kennedy & Co Foundation?
You can help the Kennedy & Co Foundation:

  • By making a tax deductible donation;
  • By volunteering your time or skills to one of our charitable partners;
  • By spreading the word among family, friends, colleagues and others;
  • By considering the Foundation in your will and making a bequest;
  • By considering implementing a workplace giving program for your staff.

For more information regarding how you can help the Kennedy & Co Foundation, please contact Antoinette Tatarelli or Michelle Hogg by phoning 08 8373 5588.